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Yoga in the Dark




When Holly was just 3-years-old her Grandfather sat her on her lap and said, "Twig, you're a cute little girl and if I was a creeper I would kidnap you and do bad things to ya. So if you ever get grabbed, you're gonna hug them close like you wanna go with 'em and then you bite their damn ear off!"  And thus began Holly's sick obsession with true crime, sticking up for the underdog and reckoning with the mental illness that plagued her family for generations. You'll find Holly has the mouth of a sailor while craftily bringing  topics such as toxic masculinity, gender roles, mental health, trauma, and don't forget her irrational fear of sharks. Yes, she realizes she lives in Colorado. Despite what Holly has been through, she truly believes in helping others through helping oneself, all while enjoying a good laugh and probably some tears. 


Megan knew yoga was a calling when she did it for the first time and, as a result didn't hate everything in the world. Life was darker than her chocolate before she learned to meditate. The phenomena of peace, calm, and self-love that results from these mindfulness practices is something Megan believes everyone should experience. Sex, love, womxns rights, parenting, trauma, friendship. Expect to hear about these topics from Megan, raw and straightforward, with lots of cussing. No bullshit. Aint no one got time for that. Because without mud there is no lotus. Sometimes the only way around the fire is through. And the stars are visible only in the darkness.


Join Megan and Holly every Sunday as they explore the esoteric and scientific sides of yoga, meditation, trauma and love.


Because the only way to the light is through the dark. 

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Holly & Megan.


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